Up Hill Solutions
Solutions for Health: Spirit, Mind & Body

Holistic approach to help you achieve and maintain wellness in your life: spirit, mind and body.

To act as a positive, loving force in our world by helping others in their quest to attain enlightenment and fulfill their role in this lifetime.

Do you feel blocked in achieving your goals: spiritually, physically, emotionally? Need help in identifying and releasing negative energies?

Contact Up Hill Solutions for assistance.
We are here to assist you on your journey to holistic health.

Healing sessions do not take the place of medical care, but can assist your body to optimize the healing process.

Brought to you by:
Kathleen M. Pruneau-Hill, RN, BSN, MSA, CDE, CACRTM

A gifted, highly intuitive practitioner, Reiki Master, angel card reader and health educator
















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